High Camp

The “South Fork” (high camp) site rests in the heart of the Snake River Range twelve miles from the nearest paved road, and approximately 30 miles from the town of Jackson Hole. The high camp sits behind a locked Forest Service gate during the hunting season with an easy one hour horseback ride into camp. This camp was established in the mid-1940s and has provided great opportunities for elk, mule deer, moose, and bear. It is located near a year-round creek which provides water for our camp. This is a fully outfitted camp. Guests will be sleeping in 14×17 canvas wall tents on padded cots (maximum of five guests per tent, 6-8 max per week). All tents are heated by wood-burning stoves and lit with overhead lighting. A spacious 16×28 canvas tent provides plenty of room for delicious dining and extraordinary storytelling. This is a pack in camp only.

Low Camp

The Low Camp is the headquarters for all of our operations.  This is a drive-in camp that is approximately 15 miles south of Wilson, WY.  We have 4  14×16 wall tents set for our hunting guests.  Each tent has a platform floor, twin beds, nightstands, dressers, and overhead lighting. Our own cooking trailer services the kitchen and dining area, where our chef has all the equipment to prepare locally sourced, healthy, filling meals. Low camp is equipped with a custom toilet trailer with an environmentally green composting toilet. Lights throughout the camp are both solar and generator powered.


“Upper Camp”
Full time experienced cooks are on staff to prepare all of our meals in both camp locations. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients packed in with each new group of guests. Dinners consist of a main course complemented by a vegetable and a side dish.  A welcome dinner is provided on the day of arrival. Hot breakfast and dinner, as well as a bag lunch will be provided on each hunt day. A hot breakfast will again be served on the day we pack out of camp. If you should have any special health or diet needs, let us know prior to your hunt so we can accommodate your needs.

Airports and Travel

Long Draw Outfitters will pick you up free of charge from the Jackson Hole Airport and take you to the trail head and back. Most of my hunters flying into Jackson Hole will use a taxi to get from the airport to the hotel. It is always better to book your flights as early as possible to ensure the best rates.