License and Stamp Information

License Fees

All Wyoming Big Game Licenses are non-transferable, they cannot be transferred or used by anyone else. Licenses for elk, deer and moose are obtained thru a lottery system. Long Draw Outfitters will complete and submit your applications in order to assure you the highest opportunity to draw your tag.

Wyoming offers two levels of licenses for both elk and deer. The only difference between licenses is the percentage of success on the draw. Simply put…the higher priced tag gives the applicant a greater chance to draw their Big Game Tag. If you are dead set to hunt the year you apply, we encourage you to apply for the higher priced tag.

Wyoming License Application Dates and Rates:

License Application Period Regular License Special License
Elk Jan 1st – 31st $707.00 $1,283.00
Mule Deer May 1st – 31st $389.00 $677.00
Moose February 1st – 28th $1,997.00
Black Bear Over The Counter $373.00

How and When to Purchase Points

The application period for preference points starts in July and runs thru October 31st. Hunters can only purchase one point per year, per species.

Nonresident hunters can obtain preference points by using two different methods.

  1. Simply purchase a point each year, accumulating points until you are ready to apply for your license. There is no limit to the number of points you can accumulate, just remember, you cannot skip two consecutive years or you will lose all of your accumulated points.
  2. The second method is to apply for a Wyoming license and purchase a preference point. If you fail to draw you will receive a preference point for the following season. You can also select and apply for multiple areas, if you do not draw your first choice you may still draw your second choice and receive/keep your preference point/points for the following year.

Preference Point Fees: (price per point)

Species Fee
Elk $50.00
Mule Deer $40.00
Moose $75.00

Payment Methods

Wyoming Game and Fish accepts personal checks as well as all major credit cards when purchasing licenses and preference points.

Payment will be made directly to Wyoming Game and Fish.

Required Stamps

  • Conservation Stamp*: One per hunter required $
  • Archery Lisc: Required for all archers $
  • Elk Management Stamp: (aka. Feedgound Stamp) $ 15.50

* The Elk Management Stamp is required to hunt in area 85 for elk as well as other specific areas supported by state feedground programs.