During the Fall hunting season, we offer traditional bow and rifle hunts from our “high” camp in the Bridger Teton National Forest. With the Tetons as your background, our seasoned guides will take you on horseback along ridges looking for elk and mule deer.  With well over 15 years of hunting in this area, our guides will give you the best opportunity to harvest the animal you’re looking for.

Archery Hunts

Sept 1 – Sept 23
8 Day Hunt
Price: $4800

This camp is an outstanding camp for archers.  The terrain offers archers an advantage whether you are looking for lodge pole stands, dark timber, isolated parks, or wallows, this camp has it all!  The Snake River Range elk herds we hunt are known to be some of the most vocal elk in the lower forty-eight states during the rut.  These elk really get after it!  There’s nothing more exciting than a bugling bull while hunting with a bow!

All of our archery hunts are “One on One” in order to offer the hunter the best opportunity at harvesting a bull.  “Two on One” hunts are available upon request.  All of our guides for the archery hunts are archers themselves.  I feel that this gives us an advantage during the hunt.

Please note: The opportunity to continue hunting after hitting or wounding any elk during the course of the hunt will be made at the discretion of the Outfitter.

Rifle Hunts

Sept 25-Oct 1
7 Day Hunt
Price: $4500

Long Draw Outfitters offers three quality rifle hunts for bull elk during the season.  These hunts are guided “Two on One” unless a private guide has been requested.   Every hunt offers the chance to harvest “any elk”.  Over the years we have not found one hunt to be any better than the other.  Quality bulls have been harvested on each and every hunt.  Though the weather in northwest Wyoming can be unpredictable the first two rifle hunts tend to be relatively warm.  Snow is possible at any time during the season but the last two hunts will generally be cool with some snow on the ground in the higher elevations.

“Please contact us for specific hunt dates”


Deposit Information:

Long Draw Outfitters requires a 50% deposit in order to book your hunt.  Your deposit will only be refunded after you have applied for and were unsuccessful in the Wyoming Draw.  Once a license is successfully drawn, all payments become nonrefundable and nontransferable.  A personal check, cash payment, cashier’s check, travelers check, or money order is required for all remaining balances. Balances will be due no later than June 15th of the hunt year. 20% of said balance will be added to all payments received after June 15th for late payment.  If you should fail to draw your license in the drawing you will have two options:

1st option: If you would like your deposit back, we will return your deposit within 30 days of notification.

2nd option: If you leave your deposit in for the following year you will have first priority towards any hunt on the hunt schedule and you will not be subject to price change.  Hunter priority is based on the order of when the hunt was booked and seniority, selection is at the full discretion of the outfitter.

About Success Rates:

All of the trophies pictured on this web site were harvested by our clients in the Fall Creek Camps.  They are typical of the animals we expect our hunters to harvest and a result of plenty of hard work.   If you show up unprepared your chances for success will be much lower.  At Long Draw Outfitters we consider the size of the animals secondary to your overall hunting experience.   No, our hunts are not 100% successful, but we will do everything we can within the law to get as close to that number as possible.  We consistently produce happy clients and quality animals.

All hunt dates are based on prior hunt success.  I have scheduled these hunts in order to give my hunters the best opportunity to harvest an animal.  All of the above hunts are great hunts and have all produced well for us in the past.  Please call for more details and dates for the hunt you desire.

Guides and Tips

Hunters will be guided “Two on One” unless a private guide has been requested. Add an additional $300 a day for a private guide. A party with an odd number of hunters will be required to have a private guide for a single party member. All big game hunting guides work very hard every day and carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.  They depend on tips to make guiding a worthwhile profession. Tips average around $300 per hunter. But if you feel your guide made an extra effort to provide an exceptional hunt, please reward him accordingly. Oh, and let’s not forget the cook!


We are happy to accommodate non-hunters in camp for a fee of $225.00 per day. Non-hunters joining you in the field will be charged $350 per day.

Recommended Equipment:

  1. Appropriate licenses, conservation stamp, and additional feed ground stamp
  2. Rifle and ammo
  3. Binoculars
  4. Hunting knife
  5. One article of hunter orange clothing, i.e. Vest, hat, scarf, hat cover, etc.
  6. Flashlight with lots of extra batteries, Mini Mag lights are great
  7. Sleeping bag, 0 degrees or better
  8. Warm Clothes that will allow you to layer throughout the day (wool is best with poly-pro layers on the cold days, cotton under wool on the warm days), nothing is quieter than wool!
  9. Long Johns- both Poly and cotton
  10. Raincoat (Must be a raincoat that is quiet and easily packed in a day pack) It’s nice to have two, one for riding the horses and one to hunt in.
  11. Waterproof boots (it’s nice to have two pairs, if one pair gets wet you will have another pair to wear while the others are drying next to the stove).
  12. Camp shoes or slippers are also nice to have.
  13. Hat (one that will keep you dry and protect you from the elements).
  14. Neck gator
  15. Gloves (at least two pair)
  16. Personal items
  17. Camera
  18. Game bags
  19. Backpack, daypack, or fanny pack (this pack should be able to carry your water, lunch, bino’s, etc.)
  20. Water bottle
  21. Duffel bag(s), 18X36 or 18X30 Canvas if possible.  This bag should be the same size as an Army duffel! No Larger!  No more than TWO bags per hunter to be packed on the horses.

Our Expectations of You:

Our expectations of you are simple and direct.  We want you to enjoy all the aspects of the quality hunting experience Long Draw Outfitters provides.  We want you to come prepared to accept the mental and physical challenges that a quality hunt often presents.  Needless to say, if you’re 50 pounds overweight, can’t walk or shoot, your chances of being successful are much lower.  You need to be in the best shape you can possibly be in when you arrive.  We expect you to respect the guides, the outfitter, his equipment, livestock and the other hunters in camp.  We simply want great people looking to enjoy all the aspects of a quality hunt.

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