Things to Bring

Recommended Equipment:

  1. Appropriate licenses, conservation stamp, and additional feed ground stamp
  2. Rifle and ammo
  3. Binoculars
  4. Hunting knife
  5. One article of hunter orange clothing, i.e. Vest, hat, scarf, hat cover etc.
  6. Flashlight with lots of extra batteries, Mini Mag lights are great
  7. Sleeping bag, 0 degrees or better
  8. Warm Clothes that will allow you to layer throughout the day (wool is best with poly-pro layers on the cold days, cotton under wool on the warm days), nothing is quieter than wool!
  9. Long Johns- both Poly and cotton
  10. Raincoat (Must be a raincoat that is quiet and easily packed in a day pack) It’s nice to have two, one for riding the horses and one to hunt in.
  11. Waterproof boots (it’s nice to have two pairs, if one pair gets wet you will have another pair to wear while the others are drying next to the stove).
  12. Camp shoes or slippers are also nice to have.
  13. Hat (one that will keep you dry and protect you from the elements).
  14. Neck gator
  15. Gloves (at least two pair)
  16. Personal items
  17. Camera
  18. Game bags
  19. Backpack, daypack, or fanny pack (this pack should be able to carry your water, lunch, bino’s etc.)
  20. Water bottle
  21. Duffel bag(s), 18X36 or 18X30 Canvas if possible.  This bag should be the same size as an Army duffel! No Larger!  No more than TWO bags per hunter to be packed on the horses.